Access updating using linked tables error

I did the same, but now importing the excel sheet as a table. 3) I converted the source linked table to local table (not what I want, because the link is the reason to work with access in the first place).

Using SQL Server as the relational database system for the HLU Tool will provide performance, reliability and volume benefits over Microsoft Access.

When the updated excel work books are received I need to update the Access source table (the one connected to sharepoint). I choose the source field in the update column and I choose the relevant field from the excel table to update my source field. However it results in an error " data cannot be inserted because there is no matching record".

However when I make a selection query (same way as above without the update option) it neatly displays the connected ID (primary key) and the two fields I like to manipulate.

This database started out as a simple list in Excel, but now we might want to add more complex information, such as who uses the equipment or its maintenance history.

If one piece of equipment is assigned to different people over time or has multiple service incidents, it would be awkward (to put it mildly) to try to maintain that kind of detail in a single list.

You must select that key on the last screen during the linking process regardless of keys established on the source system. This is my first time asking a question here, so please bear with me if I seem 'unconventional! OS: Windows_NT App: MS Access 2000 (also in 2003) ODBC linked table into a DB for which I have read/write/delete authority. Here however, I can update fields within the table.

Tested the table in question (Region) specifically and another table (Store_Info) as well. I recieve no error message - keystrokes simply do not register within the field.

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The process of linking an Access database to a SQL Server database can be complex and necessitates that you know the connection settings for the target database.Import your Excel worksheet into a temporary table, and set a primary key on the ID field of that table. The exploration I did this morning: Access has the SPL connected tables. I used a ID number that exists in the Access dbase and one outside the existing numbers. I made the update query and the fields were updated. 2) I now used a excel sheet that has been generated through SP.I used the same procedure, now I receive the "no matching record" message.In this case you will need to update the linked table by applying the latest SQL Server object structure.You can use Microsoft Access as a front end to My SQL by linking tables within your Microsoft Access database to tables that exist within your My SQL database.