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As the court petition by a shareholder of the company points out, Jaykrishna and his family were interested in getting control of Ambica Mills.The company, with an equity capital of Rs 5.5 crore and reserves of around Rs 13.5 crore, was valued by the family at Rs 15 crore.And since Jaykrishna wanted the whole cake, he had to transfer Rs 5 crore to each of his two brothers.The comfortable 3-star Palanpur Palace is set in the center of Mount Abu.The systems date back so far that pinpointing their origins is difficult. In recent decades, a rise in clinical trials examining the healing modalities used in Ayurveda and TCM has provided evidence for their effectiveness.Ayurvedic texts from India date back to sometime between 100 B. Few studies have included mesothelioma patients, but many have included lung cancer patients.You can also try wrapping the Play-Doh compound in a damp paper towel, returning it to the container and replacing the cover. Play-Doh compound is designed to use over and over again.If allowed to harden (to preserve a creation) it will most likely crack.

Herbal medicine is the primary mode of cancer treatment in both Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Chinese medical texts trace back to the Shang dynasty around 1400 to 1100 B. Centuries of medical observation back these traditional healing systems.

The partitioning involved dividing up the control and management of the group's public limited companies.

Among other things, the family members devised a scheme to delink Arbuda, a subsidiary of Ambica Mills, from its parent company.

Approximately 72 percent of cancer clinical trials conducted in China since the 1900s have combined conventional therapies with TCM.

In many cases, conventional treatments like chemotherapy are combined with herbal medicines, acupuncture, dietary changes or mind-body therapies.