Portal not updating ad information

To update from Azure Active Directory Sync to Azure AD Connect, see the upgrade instructions. Or is there an object that was deleted on-premises, but is stuck in the cloud?Take a look at this Troubleshooting Errors during synchronization and support article for guidance on how to resolve these issues.Follow the instructions in the wizard to download Azure AD Connect.If you are still using Azure Active Directory Sync (Dir Sync), take a look at How to troubleshoot Azure Active Directory Sync Tool installation and Configuration Wizard error messages in Office 365 for information about the system requirements to install dirsync, the permissions you need, and how to troubleshoot common errors.[UPDATE] This article refers to Directory Synchronization Tool (Dir Sync), which is now deprecated and replaced by Azure AD Connect (ADD Connect).

I have an on-site Exchange (2010) that has just been migrated to Office 365.Now the primary address for each user who's mailbox has been disabled shows as [email protected] of the usual [email protected] primary address was fine before the mailbox was removed from the exchange.We have resources to help you hunt down potential issues and fix them.The first indication that something is wrong is when the Dir Sync Status tile in the Office 365 admin center indicates there is a problem: You will also receive a mail (to the alternate email and to your admin email) from Office 365 that indicates your tenant has encountered directory synchronization errors.