Rhian ramos dating kc montero

February of the same year, KC clarified that they were not married. KC assured that he is in good terms with her and also his ex-partner Geneva.In fact, KC is the godfather of Geneva’s daughter with her new husband. This time it’s between Aubrey Miles and Troy Montero on one side and DJ Mo Twister on the other.For some strange reason, tweeps get a kick out of reading celebs’ ballistic postings.

Even until now, when I talk about him, I really have nothing but good things to say.

He stood up as Heaven’s real dad, so he thinks he’d be a good ‘ninong’ to her kids.

with Bianca King Tuesday, July 21, Rhian described her time with Mo after their separation as heartbreaking saying she felt she was not herself at that time.

“First of all, I don’t know why this Troy/Aubrey thing got so angry.

It started with me having a somewhat private conversation with a follower of mine regarding some chismis.

Rhian ramos dating kc montero