Spotify feed not updating

Every week on a Monday Spotify will create a new playlist of two hours of music based off what you've been recently listening to.Each week a new playlist will be made available composed of bands you've been listening to, as well as what other people with similar tastes have been playing.In Spotify's preferences menu under "Local Files, hit "Add a Source", and select where your music is stored.

With Spotify’s new “Your Music” feature, you can bring your favorite albums and songs together and completely forget playlists when listening to a single artist or album.Read on to see how you can experience Spotify the right way.Does your Spotify selection of playlists look like this?It's a great way to discover new music and rekindling love affairs with old favourites. And some artists, such as Prince and Taylor Swfit, aren't on there.To fix that, you can import your own MP3s, play them as if they were streamed, and even add them to your playlists.