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But the clip, which was posted along with the caption 'Simba', may not appear to be all it seems as a number of viewers have accused it of being staged.Commenters have claimed the cub's 'urine' could have been caused by someone off-camera spraying a water bottle.The footage, taken in Moscow, was uploaded to Sveta Bilyalova's Instagram account where it has received more than 700,000 views.

From an early age Loboda showed a tendency for music and acting, making home musicals for her parents and relatives on family holidays.

Below are some examples of introduction letters sent by Russian scammers. I want to have children and and to live with my loved! I hope, that you understand it I do not accept simply the correspondence and familiarity. But I as understand, you required for the beginning a simple history about me directly that we have got acquainted on closer. When I went in Internet - cafe I hoped to see your letter on my mail, and I was very happy, having seen your answer. I will be very pleasant for corresponding with you, and I think, that both of us shall receive from it pleasure.

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One Reddit user wrote: 'It's pretty poorly faked when you notice that A) The location of the 'p***' does not change as she moves the cub, and B) the stream starts on the left side of the screen, behind the cub.'Other eagle-eyed viewers pointed out that a person can be seen hiding at the back of the room.

One wrote: 'Sorry guys, dude's hiding in the corner with a water bottle or something.