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But this effect is seen even more quickly in the vessels carrying blood to the penis As a last resort, there is a simple plastic surgery operation that can be done to remove the breast tissue, but after it is explained the condition will go away on its own, most people do not opt for it.‘If men are in a family setting or in a relationship with a partner or a spouse or in a network of friends, if those partners or friends are more aware of these things, they can encourage a man under stress or strain seek medical help for that.’But a US study, published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology, found that those who lose hair at the front of their heads and have moderate hair-thinning on the crown were 40 per cent more likely to develop a fast-growing tumour in their prostate than men with a full head of hair.

“Sex is good, sex is healthy,” pornducer and former Vancouverite André Tardif is fond of saying.

Although his first sexual experiences were precocious — he was nicknamed “long hands” at the strict Roman Catholic boarding schools he attended in the ’60s — like many young men of his generation, Tardif did not have many opportunities to meet other men until the day he picked up a supermarket checkout tabloid and read about men cruising public washrooms.

“I got the proof of it after taking the bus to Quebec City, at the bus terminal,” Tardif recalls.

My symptoms are mild and go off and on, but nausea and coughing are most dominant.

I don't know exactly what HIV is, but I've heard it has flu-like symptoms.

“I ended up hitchhiking to Quebec City malls and the bus depot often to meet guys.

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Does this mean that actually having sex when wide awake and while in the air subconsciously completes some sort of mental circuit?

Their aerial congress ended abruptly when Sperry's plane ditched into a lake. This possibly apocryphal yet racy tale comes from the Mile High Club itself, where you can also read an endless stream of saucy yarns about aerial acrobatics and ribald conquests, mostly tall but some perhaps true.

All of which raises an intriguing question; why should flying be such a turn on?

Erectile dysfunction can often be an early warning sign of heart disease, doctors warn.

Cardiologist Graham Jackson said a man with erection problems will usually develop a heart problem within five years (file photo) Heart disease occurs when the arteries leading to the organ become clogged with fatty deposits, meaning they are thick and furred.