Updating microsoft works

First, I installed Windows 7 Home Premium 32-bit, then I realized I put in the wrong disc so I then put in Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit, then I upgraded to Ultimate 64-bit.

All my programs got messed up in the process and I basically have a clean install of Windows 7 with a folder containing my programs in a folder, which all need to be re-installed.

The Windows Update Control Panel also has the function of downloading Windows Ultimate Extras, optional software for Windows Vista Ultimate Edition.

Windows Vista and later provide a Control Panel to configure update settings and check for updates.

It may also be able to import some basic database and spreadsheet files.

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"This (Windows RT) pilot program is an example of ways we're experimenting to help ensure more of our customers benefit from a continuously improving Windows experience," a Microsoft spokesperson said. Microsoft is still struggling with the obvious solutions: *Win8 needs an official start menu *Win8.1 needs an official mass-market that all of its users can either download or receive in the mail. Too bad they (msoft) made my new win8.1 tablet obsolete.

"Similar to how the Windows 8.1 Update [1] process works today, the pilot program will automatically update consumer Windows 8 and Windows RT machines for free to Windows 8.1 Update and Windows RT 8.1 Update in select markets." Why is this needed? Just bought a new Lenovo Miix that was sitting in Amazon's store on June 13.