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As is generally the case, there was an emphasis placed on playing the game sincerely, even emotionally, but the winner was not the person who played the best. As Ozzy defeated Brandon in the final Redemption Island challenge for reentry into the game — like all of the other contestants he’d slain to remain in his tree — it became clear that the only worthy winner would be Ozzy, and so it also became clear that that outcome would be extremely unlikely.

And not only because of the weird veterans, Oscar “Ozzy” Lusth and Benjamin “Coach” Wade, and their (respectively) oddly commanding yoga routines and mystical ability to breathe underwater.Though they're no brain trust (particularly Jordan, who doesn't know how to tell time and had never heard of Chile), they had the kind of social game in the season as Rachel Reilly.It might seem like a woman who cried over potentially losing her 0 hair extensions would have no aptitude for spending a month in the wilderness, but I suspect that once the Nicaraguan jungle strips away her green sequins, Rachel might be able to tap into the warrior woman within and walk away with a second CBS title. 'I think I stayed true and loyal to the way that I wanted to play the game, and true and loyal to myself. And My Big Fat Fabulous Life star Whitney Thore was shocked to learn that the man she had just started seeing was a distant cousin.