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Bianca Ryan releases third single titled “Man Down”.The official music video is set to be released on August 22, 2017, but Bianca released an official audio video on youtube.Bianca Taylor Ryan was born on September 1, 1994 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She is the second eldest child of her father Shawn and mother Janette Ryan.She had her whole childhood days in musical environment as her name too is after ex-wife of Mick Jagger, member of Rolling Stones. Shawn is elder to Bianca while Isabella, Jagger and Evangelina are her younger siblings.I got the chance to converse with Bianca via telephone, and she was equally delighted to discuss the prizes that are available in exchange for helping to fund her .Our interview was nothing less than spectacular, and midway into our conversation, Bianca shared some inspirational and evergreen advices, given to her by the Legendary Quincy Jones and Jennifer Holliday.From the very first second ‘What I Gotta Do’ echoes of the 80′s with this edgy bass line that I came up with in the car on my way home from a long weekend of jamming out to my mom’s old 80′s CD collection,” Bianca told us in an exclusive statement.

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Bianca Ryan shares a new video on Youtube this week, answering some of your questions that were submitted on Twitter.She explains the ups and down’s she has had to endure the past couple of years.Bianca also sits down with Celeb Mix talking about her independent released singles, “This first […]Bianca Ryan sings the National Anthem at The 13th Annual Sandy Sprint Run/Walk.I’m super excited because I never actually got to be a part of the creative process, and now here’s a song that’s gonna be coming out that I wrote, entirely myself, and then also being a creative producer on the project and coming up with the concept for the music video is a lot different than just singing other people’s music.So I’m really-really happy because so far we have raised a little more than 60 percent in just a few days.